— cabo confessional 2/whatever

"… Well. Things did happen and I’m not all that happy about it but hey, I was bound to fuck up sooner or later."

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— cabo confessional 1/whatever


"There’s something special about staring into a camera and talking to yourself and that’s absolutely nothing. But, poetry comes from a Latin term which literally means ‘to make’ so I guess this is some weird form of poetry too. I’ve been listening to Melrose Diner for hours and I’m pretty sure that’s not helping this headache but the absence of noise makes me uncomfortable and I don’t feel like listening to anything else right now."

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sphallolalia // oscar & stevie


To say the least, Stevie was shocked when she got a lengthy text from Oscar about his feelings for her. Sure, she’d had some suspicions— the guy had a whole album full of screenshots nice things she’d said to him— but she thought that maybe it was just a little crush. It wouldn’t be the first time one of her friends became infatuated with her, but in the past it would always end with Stevie turning them down and never hearing from them again, but this time was different. Her first instinct was to turn him down to keep him from getting his hopes up, but the more she thought about it, the more the idea of being with Oscar appealed to her. He was nice, he was fun to talk to and he wasn’t a little bitch like he-who-shall-not-be-named. Any girl in their right mind would jump at the chance to date him.

But still, Stevie wasn’t sure. She was dumped no less than a week ago by the guy she’d been infatuated with for so long and she’d become quite disenchanted by the idea of relationships. Stevie was really more spank bank material than girlfriend material. Now that she was out of the mess that was Declan, she was free to do whatever the fuck— and whoever the fuck— she wanted. But, then again, she didn’t expect Oscar to wait for her if she were to go out and do what she does best. This could be her chance to be in a relationship with someone who’s not emotionally manipulative or a complete imbecile.

She decided that one date surely couldn’t hurt, and it would definitely help her figure out her feelings for Oscar. It was only an hour or two before the date when she realized she had no idea where they were going. Obviously they were going to a restaurant, but she didn’t know if he booked a reservation at some crazy expensive fancy-schmancy place just to impress her, or if she was safe to wear jeans. Finally she realized that no matter what she wore she’d look better than 90% of the people there, she calmed her nerves and got dressed. All too soon she heard a knock on her door and she rushed to get her shoes on before switching off her bedroom light and shutting the door. ”Wish me luck,” she said to her pug before she grabbed her bag and opened the door. The minute she saw Oscar standing on the doorstep her nerves were soothed. “Hi,” she said, pulling him into a hug. “I hope I’m not underdressed.”

He was a little taken aback by her embrace but it wasn’t a complete shock. It wasn’t a lingering hug— not the kind he’d read about that lasted a little longer than it was supposed to but somehow ended up being not at all awkward. Perhaps it could’ve been if he had actually done something with his arms instead of leaving them glued to his sides as if he didn’t want this kind of contact. He did, really, and the more he thought about it he should’ve expected that kind of greeting considering Stevie was a touchy person (or at least he assumed so, he based this off the fact that people who enjoy sex with strangers probably aren’t all that shy when it comes to touching other people). Oscar, however, definitely wouldn’t classify himself as someone who’d even attempt to hug someone as soon as he saw them. He’d always be one to go with whatever the other person was doing and rarely ever initiate anything unless he was prompted to do so. It wasn’t a convenient way of going about things but it ensured that he wouldn’t be the one making things awkward. Funnily enough he was completely fine with hugs and weird impromptu face touching, though the latter wasn’t preferred. Though it didn’t last long, he took time to appreciate the exchange of body heat on her doorstep; along with everything else that came with that. Most importantly her arms around him and the brush of hair on his face. He had a habit of making everything out of nothing but he thought it was a great greeting even if he couldn’t mention anything that he enjoyed about it in fears of being unnecessarily creepy.

"No, you’re fine," Which was a much better greeting than ‘hey, you smell nice’ but still, something a little more than just ‘fine’ would’ve worked better considering it was supposed to be a proper date and he was supposed to be the one to compliment her until she told him to stop but it served it’s purpose. "Perfectly dressed to be a rebellious youth and steal breadsticks," He said, even though he wasn’t sure if stealing breadsticks was officially stealing if they practically gave them away but he liked to believe that taking the little soaps from hotels was stealing too; only to make him feel like he was being rebellious when in fact the only thing that he had had ever stolen was a pack of AA batteries by accident and he still hadn’t gotten over that. "It’s Italian, by the way. I honestly just wanted to go to Pizza Hut but I think you deserve better than that," His idea of a great first date was just anything pizza related, really. Just staying in and eating pizza by himself while watching the worst movies imaginable seemed like a great time to him. "Plus I don’t want you being distracted by the kid’s menu because it’s riveting and it’s infinitely more interesting than me because it comes with crayons."

214th August
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sphallolalia // oscar & stevie

Oscar wasn’t the type to act on anything he felt, in fact his whole plan regarding whatever his mind made of Stevie was just to let it pass. It was a slow process that didn’t feel all that great but it had worked for him in the past and he didn’t want to change his methods. His sister, however, ended up motivating him (with what he could only call ‘false hope’ given how much of it he actually thought was plausible) to tell her about it. It wasn’t a bad move, per se, but he thought he could’ve worded it a lot better. Despite that he still counted it as a victory. A small victory, but a victory none the less. This sprouted a chance, an opportunity to take her out and not be boring. An opportunity he wasn’t going to waste.

He had actually booked a nice-ish restaurant, good enough to be recommended but not so fancy that he’d feel obliged to dress up more than he was intending to. He wasn’t a fan of restaurants but obviously if he wanted to make a lasting impression he was going to have to take her somewhere nice. Even if that involved him feeling out of place and just a tad underdressed. He tried his best not to think of her of as someone who made him nervous; but as another human, another cluster of cells, another winsome soul that ambled the grounds just as he did. Logic was his saviour in situations like this. Of course, his nerves weren’t that easily combated as over-thinking was something he was plagued with far too often. It wasn’t an uncommon trait but it always seemed to come around when he really didn’t need it to. Being optimistic was hard when the feeling of premonition was stronger than his confidence could ever be. It was stupid to think that he could mess up something as simple as a dinner date but stranger things had happened before. He didn’t completely rule out the possibility of everything going wrong, but he did his best to convince himself that it wasn’t that likely.

But all nerves aside— he was excited. Excited enough to make about four wrong turns on the way to Stevie’s house. Maybe it was a side effect of his bad orienteering skills but he blamed his emotions because he refused to admit that he didn’t have a clue where he was going most of the time. He got there eventually and he prided himself on not wasting any more time in the car and going straight to her doorstep, and with a stern knock and a brave face, he waited.

212th August

P R I O R I T I E S — an Oscar Wilde playlist

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Title: Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)
Artist: Taking Back Sunday
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Hoping for the best, just hoping nothing happens

80116th July
Title: St. Patrick
Artist: PVRIS
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PVRIS | St. Patrick

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